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Here at Basil, Parsley & Partners we have been growing fresh culinary herbs under the Central Otago sunshine for over 20 years. There is nothing like the addition of fresh herbs to a meal, to make the food dance on your palette .

We have an experienced team of horticulturists doing what they like doing best. Growing herbs in the best way they can, with love and passion. This is represented in the end product with only top quality herbs being harvested.

We grow our entire range under the strict guidelines of the National ‘G.A.P’ accreditation system (Good Agricultural Practices) to ensure ultimate respect for the people and environment around us.

What sets us apart from the rest?

All Basil, Parsley and Partners herbs are harvested by hand to ensure top crop selection. Herbs are harvested first thing in the morning to ensure maximum oil content (this is where flavour is locked onto the leaves). Harvesting of herbs is carried out to order, ensuring the freshest possible product for our customers. Product is not prewashed to ensure maximum flavour and shelf life. Our bags and blister packs are re-sealable to ensure freshness is locked in once the pack has been opened .

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